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Expansion: The secret to scaling your business

Of course, you're thinking about how to accelerate your growth, but uncertain about who to partner with. It's challenging and costly to train technical staff and support product expansion. That's why you can count on Ricoh as your trusted partner. Through our Service Advantage program, you can leverage our existing global infrastructure and resources without the upfront capital costs required to expand and scale emerging businesses.

See how RICOH Service Advantage can help answer your needs.

Executive Brief

Take control of your operating costs

A different way of thinking is required to move service to the next performance level. Whether you're launching a business or expanding into new markets, how will you deliver customer service and support? Optimizing the Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) process maximizes uptime and improves working capital for accelerated and predictable scale.

For more information about managing equipment and service resources effectively, read Planning for technology lifecycle service.

Providing services and support coverage

In today's new world of work, the last thing you want to do is provide poor customer service. But when your employees' time is stretched too thin because of the number of projects they support, there is no way to proactively identify problems.

Partner with us and gain access to our more than 80 years of professional field services experience. Service Advantage provides complete service lifecycle management for new electromechanical technologies such as robotics, kiosks, and other IoT equipment.

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Free eBook: The fast lane to scaling businesses and creating value

Growing businesses face a number of challenges as they expand into new markets. Creating innovative products in robotics, 3D printing, and other new technologies isn't enough, it takes time, resources and investment to set up distribution or support infrastructures in new markets. Learn how to build value for your business with accelerated and predictable scale.

From the eBook, learn how to win at:

  • Speed to market with faster product implementation
  • Leveraging strategic partnerships to your advantage
  • Expanding your global footprint without upfront capital investment
  • Finding operational efficiencies that create value

Find out more about how to scale-up quickly, go global and make the most of your business investment.

Accelerate your vision with RICOH Service Advantage

Advancements in robotics and automation continue to improve efficiencies throughout the supply chain, intelligent commerce is changing the way companies interact with their consumer, and additive manufacturing/3D printing is quickly becoming part of many business growth strategies. The landscape is constantly evolving with consolidations, mergers and acquisitions and breakthrough technologies.

Whether you are already a global leader, a newly funded startup, or a portfolio manager looking for accelerated operational scale, RICOH Service Advantage is your trusted partner for partner-to-business strategies and services to solve your most complex business needs.

Because every client that we partner with has unique equipment and customer requirements, our services can be arranged to best suit your organization's needs. Contact a Service Advantage representative today and let's begin the conversation.

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