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Improve student engagement with innovative classroom technology

Discover how Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboards for classrooms (IWB) — also known as Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) — can make it easier for students to share ideas, help teachers create more interactive learning environments and get digital natives more excited about classroom discussions.

Similar to smart boards for classrooms, Ricoh IFPDs offer the latest high-tech features and a variety of new benefits, including:

  • Enabling students to directly interact with the display on Chromebooks™ and other one-to-one computing devices
  • Providing teachers with more mobility in the classroom by enabling them to control the IFPD with a tablet or smart device — helping to improve classroom management
  • Enriching teachers’ professional development with highly collaborative training sessions
  • Optimizing digital collaboration to help make school meetings and presentations more efficient and productive

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Hands-on collaboration makes learning more fun for students and helps to increase student engagement. Now teachers can enliven group discussions by enabling students to tap into digital boards for classrooms via one to one computing devices. Plus, students can make notes directly on the boards, highlight key points and more — all without ever leaving their seats. With Ricoh IFPDs you can:

Connect to computers and mobile devices with ease

Teachers can quickly and easily connect the IFPD to a PC, tablet or mobile device. Navigation includes icons which mirror everyday applications, making it just as simple for students to connect one to one computing devices to the whiteboard.

Bring in remote guest speakers without the travel costs

Invite quest speakers to class via video to share ideas with students. Guest speakers can use videoconferencing tools and real-time information sharing from their connected devices to help deliver multi-dimensional messages to better capture students’ attention.

Enable students to study abroad without leaving the classroom

Empower students to study with international teachers and students during class. Schools located in multiple locations that use videoconferencing, or are on the same network or VPN, can easily work together with the ability to connect up to eight IFPDs with interactive controls.

Get help when you need it

Ricoh Live Technical Support provides you with immediate, on-demand user support at the push of a button from your IFPD. By voice or video-linked, your U.S.-based Ricoh technician can walk you through the answers to your questions, or simply take remote control of your IFPD to complete the task for you.

See how Ricoh helped Browns English Language School create a more collaborative learning experience with Interactive Flat Panel Displays for the classroom

“The quality of the teaching and the quality of the learning is much better in my experience since we’ve had [Ricoh IFPDs].”

—Michael Bostock, Director of Studies
Browns English Language School


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